Does it happen to only the old and sickly?

We all sooner or later encounter the ED, or erection problems. It can happen to almost everybody, old or young, healthy or sick. It is related not only to our physical health, but to our psychological health too. Even a huge amount of stress can sometimes cause it, although the health issues are more likely to cause a long-lasting effect. Unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, not enough physical activity – it all can result in an inability to perform the basic human function.

How many men suffers from ED?

Impotentia coeundi means that a man is unable to make love, now with more precise term of erectile dysfunction taking its place. The medical field which is trying to deal with this problem is called „andrology“ and is a brang of urology. Researches in this field of study estimated, that approximately 40 % of all men will suffer from ED syndrome at least once in their lifetime, even though the lasting effects and inability to conduct to a sexual intercourse appears in lesser numbers. Men who eat healthy, exercise daily and generally take care of themselves do have better results.


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